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  Kirk Youngman, DMD
  Gary Nishimura, DDS

Gary Nishimura is a dentist practicing in Gilroy, CA. Dr. Nishimura wanted the following from his website:

1. He wanted to showcase his work with a before and after gallery. He also wanted to include a brief description of the problem and the solution.

2. He wanted to describe his procedures so that patients would have a better understanding as to what they would receive.

3. He wanted his site to have good rankings in search engines. We incorporated Search Engine Optimization into the initial design in order to have Dr. Nishimura's website high in the search results.

  Marc Silber Photography

Marc Silber is a photographer located in Campbell, CA. Marc had a number of issues he wanted addressed with his website.

1. He wanted a top-end flash website that would complement his photographs and be equally artistic. He did not want a plan website.

2. He needed the website to have both flash and HTML pages so that viewers on 56k and below would not have a problem viewing the website.

3. He will be adding a shopping cart shortly and the website was built to incorporate one easily.

  IMC X-Gen Martial Arts

IMC X-Gen is a world famous martial arts team. They had a few concerns with their website.

1. They wanted to showcase team, individual and competition videos and photos.

2. They wanted a place to insert news items and photographs.

3. They plan to have a shopping cart integrated in the future and the current website was built with that in mind.