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website designWhen you think of website design, you most likely think of a fancy site with nice graphics and a page that is visually appealling. This is what most web designers focus on. We don't think about appearance only. Although that does play a big role in a successful website, functionality and content is the most important. A great looking website with useless content will do you no good. We ensure that you get a site that will keep viewers viewing and get buyers buying. How? There are 4 steps to our web design process:


Gathering information is our first step. We start by asking a few questions. "What goals do you have for your website?" "What would you like you visitors to do?" It is important to look at each website we design individually and find out exactly what is needed. Unlike many other web design companies, we do not give cookie-cutter service. No templates are used, and because of that, we do not offer set packages. Your website package will be tailored specifically to your needs.


The next step in putting together a successful website is the design. In order to keep you visitors on your site, you need a great looking site, and not only that, it needs to load quickly work in every browser. These are all steps in the design process, something that requires special knowledge and skills. When people design their own site, this step is usually overlooked, leaving them with an unsuccessful website.


Content is by far the MOST important part of your site. no matter how good your site looks, if it is lacking in content, your site will be unsuccessful. We ensure that your site has the content needed to get what you want out of your site, whether it's online purchases, turning prospects into clients, or whatever your exact goals are.


Seach Engine Optimzation, or SEO for short, is an intergral element of website design. You site needs to be set up properly in order to rank high in the popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others. There is a criteria that these search engines look for and as long as your site is set up to provide that, getting a good rankings is attainable.

That is our 4 step procedure. As we go through each step we ensure that nothing gets missed and your site is just the way you want it.

Our services and skills include HTML, Java, CSS, Flash, SEO, PHP. As website designers, we feel the need to stay on top of modern technology, so we are always keeping busy learning the newest techniques.

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